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Thank you for considering Save Serve Process Service as your choice for delivering your court process. We

specialize in Civil process service throughout the Greater Houston Metro area, including Montgomery and

Fort Bend Counties.

We care about the communities we serve in the Houston and surrounding counties.Our Skilled and Licensed

process servers have the knowledge, experience, and tenacity to properly represent your needs. So no

matter where you are, we will assign the papers to be served to someone who will ensure it is delivered

with dignity, respect, and understanding for all members of the family which we could impact. We

specialize in difficult to find and evasive witnesses and defendants.

Our process servers are licensed by the State Supreme Court of Texas.

Save Serve Process Service serves Subpoena's, Summons, Citations, Orders and Complaints, and all Court

issued documents.


Here are some pointers to ease the stress for those filing independently or "pro se" and not using a lawyer; be sure to file with the county clerk and get a stamped copy of the Citation with the "return of service" information included plus any instructions from the court on how the defendant must be served. This is important in order to facilitate serving your papers legally and quickly. In most instances, only an attorney can give legal advice but there are online services which can help answer questions--we recommend using www.pearl.com for specific questions.

When you are ready to have your court process served, call us at (713) 252-1982 and we will deliver your papers quickly, professionally, and at a fair and economical price.  Remember our motto....EXPECT EXCELLENCE.







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